Get Rid of VCT Fast!

Without the proper equipment and expertise, removing VCT tile can be back-breaking and time-consuming work. Time and again we hear the same story: The project was advancing on schedule until the team tried to remove the vinyl composition tile (VCT). Suddenly, all progress stalled while the team tried everything imaginable to remove the vinyl flooring…Then, when the tiles finally started coming off, the glue underneath proved impossible to remove. Don’t fall into the do-it-yourself trap! Call in the experts to remove the tile and scrape the concrete clean.

Power-Scraping: The Right Way to Remove VCT Floors

Using a power floor scraper is the best — and often the only — option for removing vinyl flooring in a reasonable timeframe. The power scraper can remove both the tile and the glue residue quickly and effectively, leaving behind a smooth, flat concrete slab that is ready for the new flooring.

Important Precaution When Removing VCT

If you attempt to remove vinyl flooring yourself, please consider the potential of encountering asbestos containing materials (ACMs). If the original construction occurred before 1985, you should have the tile, adhesive, and substrate tested at a lab to determine if they contain asbestos. If the tests come back positive, your flooring removal should be handled by a professional asbestos removal crew.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Do-It-Yourself VCT Removal

Reliance Construction has the power floor scrapers, the personnel, and the expertise to handle your VCT removal challenge. Our team is ready to deploy anywhere in the continental United States. Do it right the first time and stay on schedule. Contact the VCT flooring removal experts today.