Quick Ceramic Tile Removal

IMG_0537There is no magic to removing ceramic tile.  To get rid of an existing ceramic tile floor, you need to break it up.  Usually that requires a serious investment in time and labor, plus the risk of injury from sharp, flying debris and the necessity to clear away massive piles of broken tile.  Altogether, that can put a big dent in your budget and your schedule.  Reliance Construction can save you time and money by removing your ceramic tile flooring quickly and safely!

Hazards of Ceramic Tile Removal

Ceramic tile can be installed using either a thinset mortar or a chemical adhesive and set with a form of cement called grout.  Removing tiles yourself requires a chisel or rotary hammer.  First the grout and tiles need to be broken up.  Busting up ceramic tile naturally produces shards that can be moving at high speeds as they shatter.  So, safety is a big concern.  Always wear gloves, eye protection, and clothes and shoes that cover your arms, legs and feet.  Once the tiles have been broken up, you will need to dispose of large piles of sharp debris, so they do not hinder work at the job site.  As a final step, most of the grout and adhesive needs to be removed from the concrete slab, so that a smooth surface remains.

Delegate This Dangerous, Time-Consuming Task

Reliance Construction has the tools, personnel, and expertise to tackle your ceramic tile removal job.  Our power floor scrapers can make fast work of breaking up the tile and scraping the concrete clean of adhesive and grout.  Our team has been removing commercial floor covering for almost 25 years, so you can trust that we take safety and clean-up seriously.  Our flooring removal experts are ready to be deployed anywhere in the continental United States.  So contact us today to discuss the details of your ceramic tile removal challenge.