Commercial Carpet Removal Made Easy

commercial-carpet-removal-serviceCommercial carpets take a beating. The constant foot traffic means that periodically replacing the carpet is a necessity…but it doesn’t have to be a huge hassle. Reliance Construction has the tools, personnel, and experience to make fast work of your most challenging carpet removal jobs.

The Challenges of Commercial Carpet Removal

Trying to remove commercial carpet yourself can be a sticky situation. Commercial carpet is secured using powerful adhesive and tack strips. The glue used to install carpet in high-traffic areas is much stronger than standard residential carpet adhesive and is much tougher to remove. As you work, you will also need to be careful not to damage the surrounding walls and baseboards when pulling up unwieldy sections of carpet and padding.

Power Floor Scrapers Make It Easy

Removing commercial carpet can be a time- and labor-intensive process…unless you have the right tools and expertise. Reliance Construction’s gas-powered ride-on floor scrapers can get rid of commercial carpet quickly and thoroughly. Our machines are designed to tear up carpet and padding and scrape away the adhesive. So you are left with a smooth surface, ready for new flooring.

Tight Spaces? Serious Square Footage? No Problem!

Reliance Construction can handle any commercial carpet removal challenge. Our machines are quiet, low-emission, and highly maneuverable, so we can tear up the carpet, remove the tack strips, and scrape off the glue with minimal disruption to your business. Our team is ready to deploy anywhere in the continental United States, so contact the commercial carpet removal experts today!

Disposing of Your Old Carpet

Carpet disposal regulations vary widely across the country, but don’t worry! Reliance Construction can handle this final detail for you, as well. We will recycle as many materials possible and be responsible for disposing of the remainder.